Email Settings

If you have web hosting and email service from PerfectWeb, here are the settings you will need:

incoming and outgoing mail server:
SSL must be enabled for both incoming and outgoing
outgoing server requires authentication, use same login as incoming server
incoming server port: 995 (POP) or 993 (IMAP)
outgoing server port: 465 or 587
username: (your full email address)
password: (given to you by us, update in webmail)

If you have problems sending out email, your internet provider may block the default port "465" used to send email. To get around this, have your email client use port "587" for outgoing email (usually done in "advanced settings").

Outlook has a setting titled, "Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)." This should not be checked.


The two widely used protocols for email are POP and IMAP. POP email downloads messages from the server to your local machine, while IMAP keeps the messages on the server. Your email has limited space, so you need to eventually delete the messages from the server. A POP email client will usually delete messages automatically and is the best choice if you are only accessing your email from one computer.

Using a Mobile Device and a PC

If you want to access your email from both a computer and a smart phone or tablet, you will probably want to setup your computer email to use POP and to delete messages from the server after three to seven days. Setup your mobile device email with IMAP, and you will be able to access email messages within the three to seven day window. Your computer will have a copy of every email.

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