In order to send e-mail, you need to specify an SMTP server in your POP3 mail program. The preferred method is to use the SMTP server provided by your ISP. Most ISPs provide this as part of normal internet access service. However, if you have email service as part of a hosting package from PerfectWeb, you have the option of using the SMTP service provided on our networks. The SMTP server is a restricted SMTP server that can be used only if the following conditions are met:
  • You are a PerfectWeb customer in good standing.
  • You are sending mail "from" addresses affiliated with your accounts and services obtained from PerfectWeb
  • You are not sending out spam (unsolicited email).
  • Your ISP's mailserver is unsuitable for technical reasons.
Please do not use the relay service for:
  • Sending out large quantities of mail to multiple recipients (ie, running a mailing list).
  • Sending large attachments.
  • Sending mail "from" addresses not affiliated with your accounts and services obtained from PerfectWeb.
  • Mail that could just as effectively be delivered through your ISP's mailserver.
  • Spam!
If you meet these requirements, you may configure your mail client to use this service by setting your SMTP (Outgoing Mail) Server to:

By default, the SMTP server will reject all connections. In order to authorize yourself to send mail, you must first use your mail program to check your account for new mail. After you have checked mail, you will be authorized to send mail through the SMTP server for up to ninety minutes. Your email client may have a setting that forces it to always check email before sending.

This service relies on what is known as POP-before-SMTP authentication. SMTP, the Internet's mail transmission protocol, has no authentication, there is no reliable way to determine if a particular sender is allowed to send mail to an external address. Unlike a traditional ISP, we cannot determine if a sender is a customer by checking their IP address.

However, all of our customers have mailboxes which are accessible through POP3. POP3 is a mail retrieval protocol, and does have authentication built-in. Therefore, any customer who legitimately accesses a mailbox on our servers using POP3 is automatically authorized, for a period of up to ninety minutes, to send outgoing mail through our relay service.

Please note that many ISPs, including America Online, EarthLink, and MSN, will not allow access to an external SMTP server. This is most commonly implemented by blocking traffic to port 25, the SMTP port. If your mail client supports it, you may work around this restriction by using port 2525 instead.

If your ISP filters port 25 and your mail client cannot be set to use a different port, or if your ISP filters by some other means, you will not be able to use our SMTP service. If you are a subscriber of one of these services, please contact your ISP for assistance in using SMTP to send mail.

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