Search Engine Optimization

The Basics

search engine optimiaztion

When building your website, PerfectWeb will utilize industry best practices to make sure your site maximizes search engine exposure. This includes descriptive URLs, unique page titles, proper use of H1 and H2 tags, "alt" fields for meaningful graphics, clean validated code, and other suggestions we may provide. Our current approach to "meta" tags is to make sure every page has a "description" meta tag of 25 words or less, and we encourage you to contribute as many page descriptions as you would like. Search engines often use the "description" meta tag in search results, so they are your chance to entice visitors. No other meta tag improves search results, so we usually do not include them, but can upon request.

Advanced Search Engine Marketing

If you want to aggressively pursue search engine traffic, you may want to consider having PerfectWeb do more extensive SEO work. This involves three phases: brainstorming, research, and implementation. The brainstorming phase is a collective effort where we create a list of all the keywords we think are important to the site. Then PerfectWeb researches the list and determines which keywords actually receive significant use in searches. We present you with our research and a list of your keywords ranked by popularity (make sure you pin a copy on the wall next to the people writing your content). Lastly, we use the prioritized keyword list to modify your existing content, adding the keywords and using them wherever possible as titles, headlines and links. The cost is usually $1000 - $2000, depending on the number of keywords and pages.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords

If PerfectWeb researches a keyword list for you, we will include current cost estimates for bidding on your keywords through the Google AdWords program. If you wish to pursue traffic through the AdWords program, PerfectWeb can manage your AdWords account. You will be able to set the monthly budget and we will implement a bidding strategy that maximizes your budget. After an initial setup phase, our normal service includes a review, bid adjustments and report on a monthly basis, which costs $200 for up to 20 keywords or phrases. We can tailor a program to fit your needs.

Inbound Links

Inbound links are very helpful for "pagerank", something Google uses to rank the importance of websites. "One way" links are the best (you don't link back to the referring site). PerfectWeb does not provide an inbound link service, but many are available. is one of the industry leaders.

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