Web Hosting

PerfectWeb provides web hosting through webservers located at a datacenter in Pennsylvania, which features everything necessary to ensure the absolute best in uptime and reliability for your site. We pride ourselves in the speed, performance, and security of our web hosting.

What makes our hosting better than cheap hosting from

In a nutshell, the number of sites on the server, the server response time, and our assistance with technical issues. Don't let slow loading web pages turn your customers away!

To get technical, our webservers are connected via OC-12c (up to 622Mbps) and GigE (up to 1000Mbps) connections to four diverse backbone networks. Sound fancy, doesn't it? Well, it translates to fast loading web pages that make your company look good.

The datacenter has backup power via industrial UPS units and standby generators. There are redundant climate controls, fire suppression systems, and extensive security measures. The datacenter is Carbon Neutral and environmentally responsible. We can't say enough about the quality and reliability of our web hosting service.

We have three web hosting plans:
- One page website: $15/month
- Standard website: $25/month
- E-commerce website with SSL and MySQL database: $50/month

All plans come with 50GB of bandwidth per month, 1GB of storage, 5 email accounts, and unlimited email forwarding (addresses that forward to your existing email accounts). Additional email accounts are available in blocks of five for $5/month. Add a user-controlled photo gallery for $10/month.

We offer a $5/month discount if you allow us to put a small text link to the PerfectWeb website in the footer of your site. We also offer a 10% discount for prepaid yearly accounts.

When PerfectWeb hosts your website, we take care of all the worries of web hosting including:

  • maintaining and constantly monitoring web availability of your site
  • configuring FTP or SFTP
  • configuring a MySQL database (if needed)
  • configuring PHP
  • maintaining all server software with security patches
  • obtaining and installing an SSL certificate if necessary
  • webserver physical security
  • configuring email
  • web traffic reporting
  • nightly data backup
  • DNS changes